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Understanding the Difference Between Canadian PR vs Work Permit Visa


Canada is a country where millions of people migrate or shift to change their life by working for a thriving world’s best economy. Due to many permanent and timely visa options, people get confused about which visa they should apply for. You can make two choices: either apply for PR, a credible pr consultant for Canada in Mumbai can help you with this, or you can acquire a work permit to move to Canada for a few years. Learn more about the application process of these two. 

What is Permanent Residency?

A PR status allows the immigrant to reside in Canada and permits him to work for living hood freely around all states and cities of Canada. Having a PR status means you enjoy the same rights and benefits as actual Canadian citizens. Your family is also eligible for the PR request. 

What an Applicant requires for PR Visa

The application process is pretty simple. The steps are as follow: 

  • First, there is scoring based on the applicant’s qualifications, age, language proficiency, and expertise. So, the applicant is required to score at least 67 to be eligible. 
  • The applicant must also take the test for language ability and pass an educational credential assessment. 
  • You can also apply for PR via express entry online. 
  • Once the application is submitted, you will receive the invitation, and this is the final submission that you need to do, along with all the required documents.  
  • The final step is the application review that the immigration officers will do, and if you get the confirmation, the last step is getting the PR card. 
  • After the approval, your passport will get the visa stamp of PR. the validity time of this PR is one year. After that, you need to apply for another PR to a Canadian authority after landing in Canada. 

What is Work Visa?

Work permit offers foreign nationals an opportunity to work in Canada for a specific period. However, they have to leave the country or renew their permit to live in Canada. There are two primary types:

Open Work Permit: the visa does not require the applicant have a job letter or employer first in Canada. He also does not have any restriction of working with a specific employer or within a particular location. 

Employer-Specific Work Visa: the holder of this visa is bound to work with one employer in a fixed location. He also cannot leave the job without the permission of the employer. 

The Steps to Follow for Work Visa Approval

  • For an open work visa, the applicant needs to apply for the permit by fulfilling all the eligibility requirements. Then, if his application gets approval, he will receive the permit within a matter of a few weeks. 
  • For employer-specific work, the employer must first get LMIA or LMIAE to offer a job to the candidate. after that, the applicant will fill out the applicant. If there is no problem with the application, the permit will soon be released with an expiry date.

In case you need help regarding the work permit, our work permit consultants in Mumbai can guide you through the immigration and permit issuance process.



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